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After we got Smart Track’s fleet management system in our fleet of trucks it has made managing the fleet much easier. Not only do we know where the trucks are at all times, but the system also provides us with a full detailed report over how many loads each truck makes every day. We can see how long each truck is waiting on getting loaded or unloaded. This helps us to address time-waist and we can therefore go in and improve the flow where needed. The system is easy to use due to its user-friendly layout. Smart Track has been very helpful and come up with some special solutions for our business. Overall the system has helped us to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Today Smart Tracks fleet management system is a big part of our daily operation and we could not be without it. Regards MacHale Plant Hire
Date of Posting: 16 May 2014
Posted By: MacHale Plant Hire
Unit H2, Merrywell Business Park Lower Ballymount Road Dublin 12
We have had Smart Track Trackers in our vehicles and Plant machinery for the last 3 years We were very pleased with how these cut our phone bills from getting up dates from drivers On an hourly basis now we can just check the screen .Also we can give our customers more. Exact time of delivery with the aid of the trackers.Also we reduced our insurance costs, with peace of mind sending machinery to sites.I also increased security at the yard with the aid of the after-hours start text from the trackerI was very impressed with the Service from Smart Track any information was got without any hassle.
Date of Posting: 16 May 2014
Posted By: Johnny McGuirk
McGuirk Plant Ltd. Bishopswood, The Ward, Co Dublin

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Fleet Management

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