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  • Temperature Monitoring

    Temperature Monitoring

    SmartTrack's Temperature Monitoring interface is customisable so you choose the KPIs that matter to you. Smarttrack build the system to suit your needs, and not the other way around. Read More
  • Tachograph Integration

    Tachograph Integration

    Automatically downloads driver’ DDD files and vehicle files directly from the Tachograph. No need to call drivers or trucks home to comply with regulations. Read More
  • Vehicle CCTV

    Vehicle CCTV

    SmartTrack specialises in the instillation of the latest in vehicle CCTV systems to protect your fleet, commercial vehicles, and your drivers, while reducing overall fleet costs. Read More
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  • Smart Track is the most technologically advanced fleet tracking system available in Ireland today. The hardware and software from allows fleet managers to measure, track and understand the performance of their commercial vehicles
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  • Temperature monitoring is an increasingly important part of fleet telematics. Refrigerated vans, trucks, vehicles and trailers are used for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural haulage.
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  • Driver safety and performance management is one of the key benefits of the Smart Track fleet monitoring solution. Driver safety is vital and its one of the key variables that Smart Track enables fleet managers to control.
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