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Road safety and insurance costs

Ensuring your vehicle is being driven in a safe and responsible manner is essential to the financial security of your business. Irresponsible driving behaviour hits your company’s bottom line in 3 ways:

  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Higher repair and maintance costs (wear and tear)
  • Insurance claims add to premium prices

Cheerful Driver Resting in CabThe solution to the problem is our Driver Behaviour Monitoring system called EcoDrive combined with our in-vehicle CCTV system.


SmartTrack’s EcoDrive technology monitors driver behaviour via our hardware accelerometer capturing a variety of criteria that can be used as the basis for violation.

  • Acceleration - Monitors acceleration levels to capture instances of "hard" acceleration.
  • Braking - Monitors braking levels to capture instances "hard" braking.
  • Cornering - Monitors angular acceleration, or turning acceleration.
  • Speeding - Speed limits can be user-defined or road specific.
  • Custom - Our monitoring technology offers customised options to allow fleet managers capture other useful information, e.g. engine RPM.

Driver ratings
SmartTrack helps you measure the benefits of your fleet safety programme by scoring drivers' behaviour. Risk and safety scores are assigned on key indicators such as acceleration, cornering and after-hours vehicle use. Managers can compare drivers in a league table report.

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Driver Safety
Driver safety and performance management is one of the key benefits of the SmartTrack fleet monitoring solution. Driver safety is vital and its one of the key variables that SmartTrack enables fleet managers to control. The SmartTrack solution includes:

  • ecodriving screenshot1Driver coaching
  • Driver ratings
  • Speed monitoring
  • Safety trends reports
  • Instant accident notifications
  • Driving in reverse
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle diagnostics and fuel usage
  • Driver coaching

For immediate benefits in managing driver risk, in-vehicle audible alerts can be programmed. When the driver violates a driving policy, an audible in-vehicle alert will remind them to modify their behaviour.

Speed monitoring
Monitor a driver's speed and compare it to speed limits for that specific section of the journey using graphs. Monitor the changes in driving style as drivers move through different zones such as urban and motorway driving.

Safety trends reports
Customise reports to show daily, weekly and monthly safety trends by driver, vehicle, vehicle group, depot or fleet. This unique reporting environment helps achieve driver safety benchmarks based on accurate measurements and monitors the performance of safety policy.

Spped MonitoringInstant Accident Notification
When all else fails, the SmartTrack fleet solution can alert you instantly in the event of an accident in one of your vehicles. The unique recording system means SmartTrack can provide forensic levels of data reporting on what happened in the vehicle in the run up to the accident. This detailed reporting will help to settle insurance claims quickly and satisfactorily.

Driving in Reverse
Damage caused by accidents in reversing vehicles is a serious problem. SmartTrack's hardware and software fleet solution can detect when a driver is in reverse motion and issue alerts. The system reminds drivers to be careful during this relatively high-risk activity. SmartTrack can help fleets which operate a “reverse at arrival” safety policy to monitor and enforce this important safety measure by detecting drivers who fail to comply with the policy.

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