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Manage Driver Behaviour - Reduce Fuel Bills - Increase Productivity

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" - Peter Drucker

Fleet EfficiencySmart Track's fleet management technology app gives you the power to capture and analyse in real time the variables that matter to your fleet and to report on them through flexible and scalable reporting tools.

It also allows you create alerts based on the triggers that matter to your business, be they driver behaviour variables, temperature control in refrigerated FMCG trucks, fuel consumption or any other measurable variable that you choose to monitor.

Route planning is key to fuel efficiency. Our fleet management technology allows routes to be optimised using real time information and our route planner.

All our technology integrates seamlessly with back office systems, allowing instant and continual monitoring and report on all the variables that matter to your business.

Help us understand your business and we can help you make your fleet more efficient.

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Fleet Management

  • Fleet Management - Introduction +

    Smart Track offers everything you’d expect from a Fleet Tracking System, from real time tracking to overtime management, mobile app Read More
  • Fleet Efficiency +

    Manage Driver Behaviour - Reduce Fuel Bills - Increase Productivity "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" - Peter Drucker Smart Read More
  • Driver Behaviour +

    Road safety and insurance costs Ensuring your vehicle is being driven in a safe and responsible manner is essential to Read More
  • Fuel Diagnostics +

    Fuel is a significant cost factor in the running of a transport fleet. So effectively monitoring fuel usage is a Read More
  • Route Planner & Dispatch App +

    Logistics Module for pickup & deliveries Smart Track Logistics Module controls all stages of delivery and field services operations, covering Read More
  • Tachograph Integration +

    Tacho Manager allows for simple, visual monitoring of driver activity using precise driver information. Built to cater for remote and Read More
  • Trailer Tracking for Fleets +

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  • Vehicle CCTV +

    Smart Track specialises in the installation of the latest in vehicle CCTV systems to protect your fleet, commercial vehicles, and Read More
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