Fleet Management - Introduction

Everything you’d expect from a Fleet Tracking System

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Smart Track offers everything you’d expect from a Fleet Tracking System, from real time tracking to overtime management, mobile app and activity reports. What sets Smart Track apart is our system’s ability to scale and adapt as your needs change.

Smart Track’s platform scalability future proofs your investment, allowing you to put in place the solution for your current requirements and add additional features as required over time.

Choose from a variety of hardware solutions all feeding into one software platform, allowing you to see all the data you need in one place. No more toggling between screens or progammes to keep on top of your fleet’s activity.

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The Smart Track GPS tracker and cloud-based Vehicle Fleet Management provides a simple way to get real time information about a vehicle’s location, speed, risk-profile and schedule:

Wish you could see all the relevant data at once? Now you can. Dashboard not only provides a visual representation of all your essential KPIs, but allows you to customise them to your needs. Monitor average speed, temperature, fuel consumption, engine hours, and driver behaviour all from one screen. Dashboard also facilitates comparative analysis of any of your chosen parameters.

Real-time tracking and location
The GPS tracker and cloud-based fleet management software provides a simple way to get real-time information about a vehicle’s location, speed, risk-profile and schedule to your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Route Planning & Dispatch Driver App
Our route planner allows you to search addresses or using coordinates. You can also copy a driven route and save it for future use. The planner can be setup to work within the locality, city or region.

Working with our Smart phone app, our fleet management solution gives the dispatcher easy-to-use and efficient dispatching tool, sending & receiving messages & pictures, route optimisation and two-way communication, ‘on the job’ status alerts and other smart features for a high degree of control (…more)

Fleet Management Activity Reports
Smart Track is a platform for fleet oversight with valuable data such as asset location information, vehicle group locations, time spent in depot, time on the road and time at customer locations.

Driver productivity rules
From tracking rules around punctuality and timekeeping, to monitoring idling time, allocating zones and after-hours activities in fleet vehicles. Smart Track makes it easy to manage driver productivity. Geofences and out-of-bounds rules are supported. All driver reports can be scored and combined into a league table report to measure productivity (…more)

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Driver ID & security
Using a RFID chip in a key fob or the in-cab screen, the driver identifies themselves to the Smart Track fleet system. Each driver then has a complete profile even if they switch between vehicles.

Service Reminder & Maintenance
The service reminder and maintenance module allows you to create as many reminders needed per vehicle based on mileage, engine hours and days. This means you can setup reminders and reports for everything from oil change when a vehicle is due for DOE.

Remote Tachograph Download
Tachomanager automatically downloads driver’ DDD files and vehicle files directly from the Tachograph so you no longer need to call drivers or trucks home to apply with the rules (…more)

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Driver Availability Monitoring
Capture hours of driver operation based on EU legal requirements. Visually represent driver working hours, availability and rest directly from Tachograph data, all on one screen (…more)

Modular design and scalability
The Smart Track fleet management solution is modular in design. This makes it a highly flexible and scalable fleet solution. It grows with your company and adapts to meet your needs. Just add new hardware to integrate to the web-based fleet-management software quickly and easily as your needs grow.

Manage Driver Behaviour – Reduce Fuel Bills – Increase Productivity

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Smart Track offers everything you’d expect from a Fleet Tracking System, from real time tracking to overtime management, mobile app and activity reports. What sets Smart Track apart is our system’s ability to scale and adapt as your needs change…

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