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  • Monitor external guards and outdoor patrol units.
  • Tilt sensor will alert control desk in case of fall or attack.
  • Two-way communication in case of emergency.
  • Invaluable safety device.
  • Monitor the Lommy’s location at anytime from any computer.

Definition Of Simplicity

The Lommy is an amazing device with indoor capabilities. It packs ground-breaking technology into a tiny, easy-to-use shell. All superfluous buttons have been removed, meaning no technical knowledge is needed for operation.

When switched on, the Lommy will automatically give you its location.The large recessed button is easy to see and feel for the visually impaired or those with reduced mobility.

Whoever or whatever is wearing the Lommy can be monitored 24/7, with the red button providing security in case of emergency.

How It Works

The Lommy is given to an individual user or fastened to a machine or vehicle. To monitor the location of the Lommy you simply log on to your personalised website via

Simply enter your username and password and you will be able to see the location of the Lommy on a map.

Advanced Intelligence

The Lommy has an intelligent motion sensor that will alert the alarm centre or monitor if it is tipped on its side. This is an extremely useful feature for elderly people living alone as it will alert carers of a fall. Security firms can also benefit from this feature as they will be alerted if a guard has fallen or has been attacked.

Safety First

The advanced antenna, combined with the groundbreaking Helix satellite receiver allows the Lommy to find its exact geographical location. This sets the Lommy apart from other units and along with its indoor capabilities, it gives the user complete confidence and security.

security2Simple Set Up

The Lommy is set up via your personalised website which is automatically installed under This means you can monitor movement and location of the Lommy from any computer with an internet connection. You can also change its features to suit the individual’s requirements e.g. change the number the Lommy calls for help and choose how often and to whom the Lommy transmits its location.

Long Battery Life

The ultra efficient Lommy uses a high capacity lithium ion battery to give it incredible battery life. With frequent positioning and talk time, the Lommy can stay active for up to 24 hours. Prolonged battery life of up to several days can be gained by reducing the frequency of location transmissions throughout the day. If used to track vehicles, the Lommy can draw power from the vehicle’s battery.

Low Running Costs

The Lommy delivers its data via GPRS, making it a much cheaper and faster form of communication than previous devices. It also means that the Lommy and its user are always in contact with the central service software which enables rapid return answers.A package solution from care4all will always compare favourably with competitors, not only in initial investment, but in the long term running costs.

Small But Tough

The Lommy’s advanced technology is encased in a shockproof ABS-plastic shell so it can withstand use in all conditions and environments. The battery can be charged quickly and easily and has a lifespan of between 500 – 1000 charges. The Lommy can even be used on boats and boating equipment with the fitting of a waterproof shell.


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