Vehicle Protection

We provide two solutions to protect your vehicle:

Basic Car Tracking:

Basic Safe is a low-cost tracking solution of monitoring your personal property. The GPS tracker ensures you will always know where your car is. You’ll get your own APP for your smart phone.


Through the APP you will always be able to see your cars current position and where the car has been. -All at your fingertips.


What are the steps to get started?

  • Contact Smart Track and we will agree a date for installation
  • We will come out to you and fit our GPS tracker to your car (nation wide installation)
  • When we do the installation, you download our APP and you can start tracking your car.


The Basic Car Tracking package also has a built-in speed control facility which will alert you if your vehicle goes faster than a certain speed (ask dealer for more information).


As standard you have access to 30 days of historical data which enables you to study a vehicle’s whereabouts over the past month.

The GPS tracker comes with a backup battery, to ensure the tracker continue to work should it loose external power (hardware is CE approved).

The GPS tracker can be fitted to anything – cars, motorcycles, machinery, boats furniture – and can be programmed and monitored via your own private website.


Upgrades available

  •  You can decide who should be notified and how, should a specific event occur (e.g. if your car has been stolen)
  • Receive Speed & Kilometre reports via email (Letting you know the speed and the number of kilometres travelled by the vehicle)
  • Receive Start/Stop reports via email (When does a vehicle start, for how long is it driven, where does it stop and for how long?)
  • GEO Fencing facility sets a boundary around the vehicle when the ignition is switched off. If the vehicle moves outside this area, you will automatically be notified.
  • Longer historical data allowance


Please contact us for further information today!

Professional Monitoring Service:

Smart Track also provide a monitoring service for high valuable cars. The service is in accordance with the Government- & Insurance companies’ requirements.

The monitoring centre responds to all alerts 24/7. In case of an alarm the monitoring centre contacts you to clarify the alarm is not a false alarm. Thereafter they strictly follow procedures to ensure the vehicle is recovered as quickly as possible in cooperation with the Garda Síochána.


To ensure the highest safety for people and property a number of personalized security options are available:


  • Identification of the person called
  • Exchange of passwords by voice
  • Your car can be equipped with panic buttons should you have the need for extra protection
control room

Operational safety

The GPS tracking system is designed eliminate possible failures. That is why we are monitoring the external power source and the status of the backup battery as well.

In the unlikely event of a problem we contact you so the necessary measures can be taken. Please ask dealer for more information.

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