Are you looking for the best fleet tracking system to track everything from overtime management to real time tracking? If yes, then Smart Track system can be the best option to go with. Getting real time information about speed, location and schedule of the vehicle becomes easy with this tracker and cloud based fleet management software.

You can easily use the dashboard and see relevant data at once. Dashboard offers a visual representation of all KPIs. You can also customize them as per your requirements. You can monitor fuel consumption, average speed, engine hours, temperature, and driver behaviour from just one screen. What would be simpler than this?

This platform is for fleet oversight with important data like vehicle group locations, asset location information, time on the road, time spent in depot, time at customer locations and more.

It also offers an easy way to get real time information about location and speed of the vehicle along schedule to your smartphone, tablet and PC.

This allows you to search addresses and copy driven route to save for future use. You can set this planner to work within the city/region or your locality. You can use fleet management solution with your smartphone app.

This fleet management solution offers the dispatcher efficient and simple to use tool, receiving/sending, pictures and messages, two way communication and route optimization.

You can increase productivity and reduce fuel bills by using this technology app. It offers you the power to analyze and capture in real time the variables that are important and matter to your fleet.

You are allowed to create alerts mostly based on the triggers that are quite important for your business, be they temperature control in refrigerated FMCG trucks, fuel consumption, driver behaviour variables and more.

This technology app also allows you to plan route that can be key to fuel efficiency. You can use real time information to optimize the routes.

The driver identifies themselves to the smart track fleet system by using a RFID chip in a key fob. Every driver has complete profile.

You may create many reminders required per vehicle based on engine hours/days and mileage with this module. You are allowed to setup reminders and reports for everything.

You can monitor availability of driver and capture the hours based on EU legal requirements. This is modular in design and highly scalable and flexible solution. This is how you should use you. It ensures efficient fleet management and this is quite simple to use. It helps make your business successful.

Smart Track’s Trailer Tracking technology makes it a unique app and you can get various options. If you require more information about trailer tracking for fleets, you can visit This is the best platform to get the right solution, so go for it.