Tachograph Integration

Visual monitoring of driver activity using precise driver information


Tacho Manager allows for simple, visual monitoring of driver activity using precise driver information. Built to cater for remote and manual downloading of driver data, Tacho Manager makes light work of analyising driver performance, including driving time to rest periods. All driver logs are stored for easy retrieval direct from the app.

Remote Download

Compliance friendly, Resource light.


Tacho Manager automatically downloads data and archives driver data, storing it for future review if necessary. Driver cards and vehicle are downloaded at scheduled intervals, saving your company time and money through less administration and lower IT costs. Because there’s no need for drivers or vehicles to return to base to log their records, your fleet and drivers can spend more time on the road.


tacho view

Tachograph data analysis on the Smart Track fleet system

Smart Track offers ample opportunities to work with DDD-files and online data on driver activity by means of Tacho Viewer and Tacho Manager Applications.


DDD-files handling in Smart Track system are performed by means of TachoView application. The app allows for driver activity visualization on the basis of so-called “timeline”. TachoView demonstrates driving, work, rest and availability time intervals. Quick access to a specified day from the selected interval is available in calendar. There’re two types of data display:

Driver activity – The information is displayed in a tabular form. By choosing the necessary date you can see detailed driver activity over a specified period.

Activity chart – The selected time period is divided into days where the information is displayed in diagrams (markers correlate with certain activity characteristics).

activity chart
tacho manager

The results of driver behavior analysis based on DDD-files and online data may be presented as a report and printed.


Tacho Manager is developed for manual or automatic (by means of a command) DDD-files uploading to Smart Track server and their long-time storage. Handy data visualization allows for simple monitoring of driver activity due to availability of precise driver information.

Manual Download

All your data in one place.


For digital tachographs that don’t support remote downloads, Tacho Manager allows data to be added manually to the same centralised data storage centre, meaning all your driver data is kept in one place, for easy of analysis.

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